Welcome to our website! The Members, Executive Board, and Faculty Advisors of the Business & Bankruptcy Law Association ("BBLA") are glad that we have peaked your interest. We hope our website provides you with insight as to our purpose and gives you many incentives to join our team. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns after browsing through our website, please email us at Business & Bankruptcy Law Association.

Who we are...

We are a diverse group of leaders who share an interest in the law as it relates to large and small businesses, corporate structures, mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcy related legal issues. It is our belief that business entities are the crux of our economy and we share the view that it is imperative for legal and business professionals to stay abreast of related transitions that have a material impact on the legal industry.

Why we’re here...

We exist and operate for the collective benefit of sharing knowledge, building networks, and increasing opportunities available to our members. We focus on educating ourselves in the foregoing areas to empower us to excel in any business environment and to anticipate quick resolution of issues that may arise for the benefit of any business we are involved with.

What we do...

We provide notable professionals, lawyers, and judges who have owned businesses, worked in private practice, worked in large law firms, represented corporations, and presided over cases resolving liability and financial problems within these entities. The discussion topics include preferred business structures, shifting liability, accounting and tax issues, banking and finance, restructuring existing businesses, and filing bankruptcy.

How we do it...

The Executive Board gauges the topics of interest of BBLA members and works diligently to provide information and contacts to pursue such interests. The Research Advisory Committee researches related topics and provides formal and informal reports to all BBLA Members. BBLA Faculty Advisors draw from their extensive knowledge and experience to provide BBLA leadership with guidance and contacts to facilitate events with legal professionals in the business and bankruptcy industry.

When we do it...

The Executive Board, Research Advisory Committee, and Faculty Advisors work together to arrange discussions, educational speakers, research and publication opportunities, networking opportunities, and opportunities to gain experience and exposure through competitions covering topics related to the bankruptcy and business industry.

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